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Prideville: Learning in Action

To further our mission in our classrooms, Grandview has created a program for experiential learning called Prideville, a small town in action.  Students will participate in developmentally appropriate curriculum that culminates in activity days where students perform the actual jobs in town.  In the roles of bankers, merchants, medical personnel, and government leaders, students interact to conduct a day’s worth of business with structured outcomes.  This program provides understanding of business, economics, and life skills in a hands-on environment.

A key ingredient to the success of the Prideville program was the actual creation of Prideville– the transformation of our lower school hallway into a small town.  The vision, conceived by associate head of school and chief dreamer Mrs. Lori Kubach, became a reality with the help of parent Bill Martin and Studio Y Creations.  Together, they constructed and installed storefront facades with tiny details that create the perfect small town feel at Grandview.  From the (fake) birds nesting on ledges above to the Grandview Green Market cart, Prideville is truly a visual representation of our small town community.

IMG_6538 IMG_6508 IMG_6516 IMG_6521 IMG_6525

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