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Inventing in Science, Featuring 6th Graders

A great first post by science teacher Barbara Knight! Follow her blog for some insight into teaching middle school science… not always an easy task, but always loads of fun!

Imagine Invent Inspire

What is invention?  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, invention is a product of the imagination.  I think we invent all of the time!  It is within our human nature to invent, and thus I think we learn best through invention.

I firmly believe my students learn best when they invent.  Through invention, they make that connection between something completely foreign to them and their imagination.

This week my 6th graders are learning about the different physical layers of Earth’s interior.  We spent about 30% of class time taking notes on the different layers, and chemical composition of Earth.  I supplemented my lecture with fun interactive games and visuals.  I tend to start feeling like Charlie Brown’s teacher after 15 minutes of talking, so I try to give my kids little brain breaks in between notes.  These breaks include getting them out of their seats and “acting out” what they have…

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