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Sophomore Sydney Goldberg Performs with the All-State Orchestra

Sophomore Sydney Goldberg (right) and Grandview Music Director Mr. Michael Yannette

Sophomore Sydney Goldberg (right) and Grandview Music Director Mr. Michael Yannette at the All-State Orchestra performance.

Sophomore Sydney Goldberg has found her passion. “I just love playing the viola– I love the way when you play it, you can feel the vibrations.  You literally feel the music,” she observes.

Sydney began playing the viola in fifth grade.  “A viola is bigger than a violin and makes a deeper, richer sound.  It just sounds more full,” she explains.  Sydney spends every Saturday rehearsing with the Gold Coast Youth Orchestra and privately studies under the guidance of Laurice Buckton of the Alexander W. Dreyfoos School in West Palm Beach.  She has twice been accepted to the Florida Music Educators Association (FMEA) All-State Orchestra, and was excited to share her experience at FMEA All-State this year.

“It’s actually pretty amazing,” she says.  “We have two full days of rehearsal and then perform a whole concert together.”

All members of the All-State Orchestra go through a rigorous audition, including performing scales and arpeggios, a prepared solo piece and etude piece, and a difficult piece of sight reading– all in front of a panel of judges.

Once accepted into All-State, students are sent a full concert of pieces to learn on their own.  Then, in January, student musicians ascend upon the FMEA Conference, which was held at the Tampa Convention Center this year, for two days of rehearsal before the big concert.  The FMEA Conference includes performances by many student, collegiate, and professional groups– and students have the opportunity to view many of the concerts.

“All-State is a great way to meet other students and to see all kinds of different performances,” says Sydney. “I even got to see the Florida Orchestra perform a whole concert of Beethoven.”

Sydney plans to study music performance in college and is currently looking into several collegiate programs.

Congratulations, Sydney, on your performance with the Florida Music Educators Association All-State Orchestra!

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