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Too School for Cool- The top 3 things that Everybody who is Anybody needs to know about Anything

It's All About the View


Everybody has been a nobody at one time or another.  This is universally true. Unless you live in NYC or LA –in which case, since your city can get by simply on its initials, you are already an ‘anybody’ (bypassing the ‘nobody’ stage altogether). For the rest of us, however, we rank somewhere on the nobody-anybody-somebody-everybody scale.

In an effort to bring the wisdom of the ages to our collective quest for human destiny, here are the top three things that everybody who is anybody needs to know:

1. The zeitgeist.  You’re in it so you had better know what it is.


2. Now that you know what it is, disregard it altogether.


3. Everybody who is anybody knows that nobody is somebody until they know they are everybody.


As an educator, I realize that the above ‘top three’ list is a colossal oversimplification.  It is my conformist attempt…

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