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Contest: The First Students in Space

Over the summer, we announced that Grandview will have access to ARKYD, a technologically advanced space telescope that orbits around Earth and is designed to take high-resolution photos of objects in space. As a sponsored school (donated by Board of Trustees member Karen Swartz in memory of her late brother, astrophysicist Dr. Thomas Metcalf), Grandview students will have the ability to direct twenty-five main optic observations (meaning the students can determine the photos of space that the telescope will take), teachers will receive access to developmentally-appropriate curriculum for all grades, and the school will receive a membership to the Planetary Society and full size desktop model of the ARKYD for use as a teaching tool.

Check out the amazing things that Planetary Resources is hoping to accomplish with the ARKYD!

Additionally, we have the opportunity to take several Space Selfies— the first of which, the Beta-Selfie, will take place this summer.  The ARKYD Space Selfie was honored by Mashable as one of the  Nine Top Tech Breakthroughs of 2013 alongside Google Glass and the Oculus Rift.

How does it work? We submit a photo to ARKYD and the image is projected on the screen of the space telescope with the Earth and outer space as the backdrop.  Awesome.

In order to prepare, we will be holding a Space Selfie Contest! Want a picture of yourself in space? It’s simple: take a selfie with at least 3 Grandview students in uniform and on campus, then send it to us at, tag us @GrandviewPrepFL on Twitter or Instagram, or tag our Facebook Page.  Be sure to use #SpaceSelfie!  Check out our infographic below for more information:

Space Selfie Contest Info

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