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One Size Fits None: Why Educational Standardization Doesn’t Fit and What We Should Do About It

Head of School Jackie Westerfield asserts that we should rethink, re-imagine, and reinvent education.

It's All About the View

Little Business WomanTrends, by definition, come and go.  While the world of fashion revolves around this premise, the world of education needs a different foundation.  For the last several decades, the valid push for accountability in schools has led to an unintentional disaster regarding student learning outcomes.  Beginning in the 1990s, some very smart people with very good intentions made two very big mistakes.  These mistakes, in the educational realm,  rank about where polyester, leg warmers, and shoulder pads do in the fashion industry, but with obviously more serious fallout.  What were these mistakes?  Mistake number one: thinking a standardized test can measure anything meaningful; and, mistake number two: implementing a lower level, standardized curriculum to solve poor results from mistake number one.

Since their inception, standardized tests have not improved learning outcomes.  Award winning educational reporter, Peg Tyre,  has researched the the testing trend, noting, 

“In addition to the amount of…

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