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Students to Test Shark-X Invention at Sandoway House Nature Center

Rising Ninth Graders Created Arm Band Magnets to Repel Cartilaginous Fish Including Sharks and Stingrays

Students showcase their invention, Shark-X.

From left, Alexander Abbasi, Tasman Rosenfeld, Bennett Kubach, and Albin Engstrom showcase their invention, Shark-X.

Four Grandview Preparatory School students inspired by a class curriculum focused on magnets and magnetism last year during their 8th grade Introduction to Physical Science class will test their hypotheses and findings this weekend at the Sandoway House Nature Center. After being prompted to create a product for Grandview’s entrepreneur program, the boys came together to research the electro-receptivity and electro-sensitivity of sea life and ultimately concluded that cartilaginous fish like sharks and stingrays can perceive natural electric stimuli. With additional brainstorming, the rising high school students hypothesized that magnets could be used to activate and confuse their electroreception and essentially deter these animals from a magnetic field.

The boys created arm bands made of magnets in neoprene pockets and will test the reaction of sharks this week in Delray Beach with the support of their classmates, teachers, friends and family, as well as the staff at the Sandoway House Nature Center. The students have already successfully conducted a test of the product with stingrays at a Miami aquarium. This is the first time they will test “Shark-X” with sharks and present their findings with the public. The Inventors and Entreprenuers: Tasman Rosenfeld, Albin Engstrom, Bennett Kubach, and Alexander Abbasi, will test and present their product during the daily shark feeding at 10:30 AM.  Sandoway House Nature Center will also have an on-staff shark expert to speak, educate the crowd and showcase the shark feeding. The program will be followed by a tour of Sandoway House Nature Center.

The students are in the process of trademarking a name for the product, although they cannot patent the design because the use of magnets and neoprene is not considered “novel” under patent law. Other products the group plans to produce are magnetized stickers, pouches, and leashes for surfboards. The group has recently piqued the interest of an investor.

The event is open to the community. Admission for Sandoway House Nature Center, located at 142 S. Ocean Blvd. in Delray Beach, is $4 plus parking.

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