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Time Out! Turning Time Saved into Memories Earned

Head of School Jackie Westerfield reflects on “time savers” and efficiency– and the necessity to slow down and make memories.

It's All About the View

Time to think  For most adults, and even children, finding time is increasingly difficult.  It seems ironic that the inventions we have created to ‘save time’ have not actually had that effect.  Rushing around each day, in this era of technological conveniences, we have to ask,  what has happened to  the phantom time we have allegedly saved?    Let’s take the example of the fax machine.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980s, the fax machine was heralded as an amazing time saver.  We marveled at the fact that tasks formerly taking weeks to complete via traditional mail, could now be executed in an instant!  Viola! Hooray for people everywhere!   With such increased efficiency, our industries could move on from tedious transactional matters to the really important stuff.  Productivity would increase and, at the same time,  families would enjoy richer, more meaningful lives.  In the decades that have passed since the…

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