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Small Moves. Big Difference: Education Meets Life

It’s the sum of small decisions that make a big difference. Head of School Jackie Westerfield discusses the importance of these “small moves.”

It's All About the View

Galaxy System This place where we are now, right this second, is the intersection of our circumstances and every single one of our choices.  In our lives we have made millions of choices, perhaps unaware of any one particular choice’s impact on our arrival at this moment.

If life is about choices, then, at its core, a formal education attempts to provide guidance with regard to those choices.  All schools emphasize academic skills, but great schools also try to help students form a framework for the act of choosing.  The goal is for young people to understand the concept that how we see affects what we see.

Perspective is defined as, “a particular attitude toward, or way of regarding, something; a point of view.”

This definition requires two things: a lens and a belief.  If we accept this definition, we also accept that our mental world affects how we see our physical…

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