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Social Meania: Yik Yak, Snap Chat and Other Grenades our Young People are Playing With

Social media can be a great tool, but it can also be a dangerous weapon. Read on for thoughts on the new trends in social media from Head of School Jackie Westerfield.

It's All About the View

Social Meania          I have always been a progressive educator when it comes to allowing open access to responsible internet resources that engage students.  Since 1997, when the internet was a brand new tool for schools, our school pioneered many programs on mission to inspire youth.  While I still believe in the multiple blessings of the online universe, its curse is now feeding on our children and gaining strength.

The darkness of some social media sites and apps reflects typical and atypical behaviors. What is pressing about the current problem is the new anonymity and blatant exploitation of young minds by corporate and venture capital groups out to make a buck at our children’s expense.

I am not talking about relatively responsible sites like Facebook and Twitter.  I am talking about sites that make it impossible to trace bad behavior online, sites that use that angle as their primary…

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