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Educating Millenials in the Anxiety Era: Getting Real

Head of School Jackie Westerfield asserts that educating the current generation must come with a dose of reality.

It's All About the View

Private Or Public Directions On A SignpostWhile many books and articles label young people today as the narcissistic “Me Generation”, we must be careful not to overlook the roots of this condition.   As a society, we  have participated in creating a culture that has unknowingly stripped children of some essential human rights.  Childhood is a sacred learning process, designed with appropriate struggles to enable growth. Current research shows that the ‘everybody gets a trophy’ parenting philosophy didn’t have its intended effect.   Millenials are reporting more anxiety and depression than any other generation in this country’s history.  Most agree that the reason for this dissatisfaction is the gap between this generation’s high expectation of personal fulfillment on one side of the spectrum and the actual reality at the other.

This gap, coupled with the superficial tendencies of the ‘selfie’ technologies, has set our young people up for disappointment.  The good news is that…

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