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School and The Aha Moment: Making Way for Good Ideas

New brain research shapes how we must think about education. In her latest blog, Head of School Jackie Westerfield says that this gives us the opportunity to improve the connection between schoolwork and brain work.

It's All About the View

Newton Second LawThe purpose of attending school is to learn.  Learning is about skills and ideas.  Each school, according to its mission, cultivates different types of learning.  Some concentrate on college-level content, others: skills, and more recently, some are now making more room in the curriculum for creativity. Recognizing that students cannot flourish on consumption of preexisting knowledge alone, more attention is now being directed at the science of learning.

As we understand more about our complex brains, we are able to identify patterns. Our brain waves have five primary frequencies: alpha, beta, theta, delta and gamma. Each frequency has different characteristics, and all are apparently essential for high level functioning.

Alphawaves signal deep relaxation, during states of daydreaming or light meditation.

Beta waves are present during normal waking consciousness and indicate a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning.

Gammawaves are the most newly discovered, are the fastest…

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