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Passion Projects 2.0

Projects and passions come alive at Grandview Preparatory School. As part of the school’s Innovation Track, students in Grades 3 – 12 have the opportunity to participate in and create a student-led, passion-based project. Through this process, students are encouraged to explore their own interests and consider projects outside of the traditional classroom environment. With the support of master-teacher facilitators, the students are solely responsible for building advanced academic projects and executing the objectives and goals.

Last year, students in the inaugural cohort of the Innovation Program designed, built and created lesson plans for an on-campus greenhouse to house and rehabilitate endangered butterfly species and their host plants.  The program has expanded to include students in lower and middle school, all of whom design passion projects. Take a look at the projects for the 2015 – 2016 school year, and please consider helping our students in their endeavors:

Junior Innovators


Project: GPS Innovation Playground


Fundraising Goal: $60,000

The Grandview Preparatory School Junior Innovators are students in Grades 3 – 5 who are outside the box thinkers who crave a challenge. This year, the students chose to build a dream playground suitable for our third through eighth grade students at our school.  The playground will be located on a current empty field on campus; it is the perfect location for the innovative design that the students have created with their imagination, research, and by bouncing ideas with each other.  This dream playground, which happens to also be eco-friendly, will benefit many of our students for many years of play at Grandview Preparatory School. It will support classroom learning, foster imaginative play, and even teach kids about safe risk-taking.  

The Junior Innovators hope to raise enough money to begin construction by the Spring of 2016. The students have done all of the research, planning, designing, and sharing for this project.  Now we are asking that you help us by contributing whatever you are able.

To give to the GPS Innovation Playground, visit


Middle School Innovation


Group Members: Mitchell Duke, Regina Gallastegui-Martin, Reef Gardell, Anna Graffeo, Megan Enriquez, Ella Niren, Victoria Palmer

Project: Marine Biology Resource Centers for Science Classes


Fundraising Goal: $1,794

Students in the MS Innovation Program have chosen to focus their efforts on including marine biology resource centers and fish tanks in each of their science classes in sixth through eighth grade. The tanks will offer educational opportunities not only in science, but also for math and English, and will teach values such as responsibility, unity, selflessness, and hard work.

Each grade will complete a different project, even though the project as a whole has similar goals. The grade teams are divided as follows:

6th grade: This team will have a turtle tank with two red-eared sliders with two connected tanks for the turtles to live in; one tank will be filled with sand and the other one will be filled with water.

7th grade: The goal of the 7th grade members is to produce a self-sustaining freshwater tank, which it cleans itself. The tank will allow students to grow their choice of plants, as well as support dwarf gouramis and guppies to complete the freshwater ecosystem.

8th Grade: The 8th Graders of the Middle School Innovation Program will be setting up and maintaining a saltwater tank in the lower school science classroom. There will be a variety of animals such as aquatic snails, fish, and crabs.

Funds raised will help the teams implement their plans, including buying the tanks, the water, and the decorations, as well as buying the appropriate plant and animal life for each tank, while factoring in the costs for their maintenance.

To give to Middle School Innovation, visit


Cloud 10


Group Members: Jake Greenberg, Ricky Rose, Louis-Charles Trottier, Rachel Weinberg

Project: On-Campus Music Studio


Fundraising Goal: $7,000

With a goal of elevating Grandview’s music program, Cloud 10 is planning to create a music studio to enhance the learning of fellow Grandview students. Plans for the studio also include a green screen, camera, and computer with video software for video editing and production. The studio will give students an environment to learn more in-depth about music and real world skills relating to music and video production.  Students of all ages will be able to utilize the music equipment to create anything from an arrangement for a song, to a video project for history class.

Cloud 10 is raising funds to purchase a computer and music/video software, followed by a mixer, microphones, cameras, and other essential audio visual equipment.

To donate to Cloud 10, please visit


Equal + Empowered

12Dec2015_Equal_FoundersGroup Members: Katie Berlatsky, Andrea Lacher, Caitlen Macias, Sigi Macias, Eva Oliveri, Sydney Sloan

Project: Student Organization for Raising Awareness about Inequality


Fundraising Goal: $2,000

Equal + Empowered (E+E) is a group of motivated students interested in spreading awareness about inequality in society, specifically the plights of women. E+E has founded an on-campus student organization and has organized and run an assembly for upper school students to open the dialog regarding issues of identity and values.

Additionally, the group hopes to raise funds for women who have been abused and to offer programming to help prevent domestic violence in the South Florida community. E+E has successfully run two fundraisers, “Inequality Sucks” (a lollipop sale on campus) and “A Slice of Equality” (selling pizza during exam week). The group plans to purchase branded merchandise to sell and promote their cause.

To give to Equal + Empowered, visit


Improving the View

Improving_the_ViewGroup Members: Scarlett Anosier, Alexis Romer, Megan Rampersad, Matt Schner, Jake Schner

Project: Beach Volleyball Court


Fundraising Goal: $5,000

Improving the View hopes to build a beach volleyball complex on the Grandview campus by the end of the 2015 – 2016 school year. The group consists of five student-athletes that participate in Grandview sports including basketball, baseball, softball and volleyball. As a part of a very successful and highly rewarded Grandview athletic department, the students hope to enhance Grandview athletics by creating a beach volleyball team with its own complex. The addition of these courts would make Grandview one of the few schools in South Florida with a beach volleyball complex and would attract attention to our athletics program. The complex will also give students an additional place to spend leisure time.

Improving the View is raising funds for the necessary materials to construct a beach volleyball court. The group is seeking sponsorships through community members as well as VolleyballUSA and Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank.

To give to Improving the View, visit


Scientific Research Team

Scientific_Research_TeamGroup Members: Jack Forney, Bryan Hernandez, Tasman Rosenfeld

Project: Biofuel Research


Fundraising Goal: $8,000

The Scientific Research Team (SRT) includes three of Grandview’s most ambitious high school scientists who have decided to dedicate their research and time this year to understanding how to produce, identify, and use new algal biofuels.

There are two goals for the project. One is biological, while the other revolves around engineering. The biological goal is to isolate dominant alga species from a variety of Florida saline ecosystems, and then cultivate and stress them to produce usable biofuel in a cheap and efficient manner. The engineering goal is to put together a vehicle based off of a specific diesel engine that can run off of the biofuels. If the group is successful on both counts, they will use the vehicle to demonstrate algae fuel is actually a viable alternative to fossil fuels, and they will use a prototype system that team member Tasman Rosenfeld developed to grow the algae species large-scale.

SRT is raising funds to purchase both basic lab equipment and advanced machinery to assess the precise lipid yield from our variety of species. Additionally, funds will be used to purchase the parts for the vehicle and its engine.

To give to the Scientific Research Team, visit

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