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The Making of a Lower School Agile Classroom

By, Rosita Darden, Teacher- 3rd Grade

Grandview Preparatory School recently welcomed some wonderful guests to our campus for a few days of educational empowerment. John Miller, the pioneer of Agile Classrooms, led a 3-day training for our students and teachers in 21st century learning. He brought along some wonderful colleagues (and a camera crew too) from the Scrum Alliance to our campus in Boca Raton.

My third grade students and I were chosen as a training class for a few hours. The students were very engaged in the challenge that they were given. They soaked up every aspect of the Agile structure for learning.


I enjoyed observing and facilitating along with our guests and it was a great learning opportunity for me personally. One of the most interesting parts of the training was being able to Skype with other people around the world who are currently using Agile successfully. After, I felt strongly that I could implement the system into my own classroom right away.


I immediately purchased some boards and designed them with the materials that were given to me. Then, I instructed my third graders on how they would be using these boards for the rest of the school year. We also began using them for a Social Studies digital project. It only took me three days to implement Agile into my classroom successfully after the training.


I credit the wonderful mentors, John and Mike and our school for being dedicated to 21st century learning for our students. They did a fantastic job of making the training fun, relaxed, and easy to understand. We’ll keep you posted on how it’s working out in our SUPER classroom at Grandview!

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