Welcome to the Grandview Preparatory School Blog, where you can learn about all things Grandview!  Whether you are currently a member of our community, or are learning more about Grandview, I invite you to explore this blog, visit our website, and browse our social media to see what’s going on at GPS and what we’re all about.

Because Grandview enrolls students from Early Childhood through Grade 12, we always have a lot happening on and off campus.  From field trips to athletic contests, performances to projects, community service to school-wide competitions, we have it all.  We like to say that Grandview is a small school with big opportunities, and it’s true!  Our small size offers students the unique opportunity to participate in school life on many different levels, exposing them to new ideas and experiences each and every day.  That’s why our favorite motto here at Grandview is “Carpe Diem”– our students are taught that we should seize the opportunities we have in each moment of each day.

On this blog, you will see it all!  In addition to Grandview news, teachers and administrators post about topics ranging from trends in independent school education to innovative curricular paths.  Make sure you follow our blog so you won’t miss a thing!

Thanks for visiting.

Haley Swartz, Advancement Director

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